How to Maintain Your Skincare Routine When Working from Home

Working from home has become a norm in the current times. If you were working in a different set-up before, you’ll notice that a lot of things have now changed. You might have gone slow on some routines such as maintaining your appearance, I mean, what’s the use if you’re going to stay indoors all day anyway, right? Well, wrong!

The first secret to keeping up with your skincare routine is by first identifying one. You must know the products that are compatible with your skin type. The next step is to set a time that is flexible enough to accommodate your routine without interfering with your job or house chores. Domum Life has more information on this.

More home beauty tips at Domum Life suggest that you can multitask by applying products like facemasks and proceeding with your other work. This gives it more time to work on your skin for maximized effect.

Remember to stay hydrated by taking water at intervals of at least 6 hours. Again, if you’re working on a computer, avoid overexposing your skin to the blue light that is on the screen as it contains radicals that are harmful to your skin leading to conditions such as hyperpigmentation. There are different brands of creams made for this type of protection. While at it, continue checking out more work from home tips found on

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