Masking Monthly | Featuring Gatineau & Lush

Welcome back to some more mask offerings, just in time for the end of the month, and with a slight change to the title. This edit includes one from the high street, plus a salon brand, with one good and the other not so good. Read on to find out which I love for my skin, and which I will not be buying again.

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Gatineau Defi lift 3d Lifting Mask – £49.50 for 200ml

I am a fan of a few products from this long-standing (85 years old!), French skincare brand, especially their masks for signs of ageing such as, Mélatogénine Futur Plus mask. The 3D mask is used by their therapists for salon treatments, and has recently been made available through QVCUK.

The ingredients are designed to work deeper into the layers of the skin, rather than just on the surface layer. This serious skincare mask is for those of us who are 35+. It helps to tighten and lift slackening skin, firming facial contours, plus improve the look of deep lines, along with pores, whilst softening and brightening the skin. For me, this really is a game changer!

Main IngredientsBrown Algae, Hyaluronic Acid, Allantoin, plus Gatineau’s Defilift technology with Plant Protein, Vitamin F and Polysaccharides.

It has a liquid, gloopy elastic-like texture (so avoid tipping the tub), and the formulation has a pearl-like  luminosity to it.

To use : Using a mask brush, apply a thin, even layer working with upward strokes from the décolletage, neck and then over the face. Make sure it is spread upward over jowls and across deep lines. Avoiding the eyes, just apply around the orbital bone. Leave for 20-30 minutes for full effect, where the cryogenic film will make the skin start to feel tight.

Removal : It dries so you can peel it off (and see dead skin cells and pore imprints in the mix), but it can be bit of a fuss, and I ‘m not a fan of pulling at the skin. I prefer to remove using a face cloth with warm water, pressing it onto the skin to soften the mask again, and then it washes off easily.


Below – 5 minutes after mask and in PJs ready to relax for the evening. Skin looks firmer, bright and rested.

I am so pleased with the results I get from this mask, straight after using and for a few days after use. It definitely firms my skin, including the jowl area, and seems to erase fine lines and lessen deeper ones,  along with tightening pores. Skin is left glass-like, clear and bright. A once a week (maybe twice for a special occasion), treatment mask that provides visible results. Love it!

Currently available from QVCUK

Lush Jelly Face Mask ‘The Birth of Venus”£6-95 for 75 gm 

I am a huge fan of Lush bath bombs, along with their brand ethos ; using natural ingredients and against any animal testing. So, when I was in my local store stocking up on some Blackberry bombs before they disappear, I thought I would try one of their new jelly masks. I went for this one as it claimed to be calming for skin.

Ingredients : Fresh Rose Petal infusion, Kaolin, Glycerine, Propylene Glycol, fresh Sea water, Talc, Carrageenan extract, Lavender absolute, Chamomile Blue oil, Olbanium oil, Myrrh retinoid, Linalool – naturally occurring in essential oils, Perfume, Colour 42090

Suitable for Vegans.

To use : Being a rubbery jelly formulation, it requires pinching out a piece of the mask, to work into a paste in dry hands. Apply to face and neck (avoiding eye area), and leave for 5-10 minutes. Remove with a face flannel and warm water.

This smelt gorgeous, but was a bit of a faff to use, as I wouldn’t say the formulation works into a ‘paste’ as such. It felt alright on the skin but I only left on for 5 minutes.

I am only glad I left it for just 5 minutes and did not use much on my skin! All seemed okay immediately after removal, but as I headed to the bedroom to tone and moisturise, I could feel my skin smarting. After a couple of minutes, my skin felt like it was on fire and badly sunburnt. It felt sore and my face and neck was really red, and those of you that follow me on Instagram might have seen just how bad my skin actually was after using. I couldn’t bare to blow dry my hair, fearing more heat near my skin, and I couldn’t apply any makeup, so it actually kind of ruined my day!

Yes, we are all different and our skin can react to different ingredients, but I can only suggest that the ingredient Blue Chamomile, is a little risky in a face mask. I used to use that essential oil, to treat painful joints on some clients as an Aromatherapist. Wether the blue oil, another oil, the colouring or fragrance, this was in no way calming for my skin. skin reacting

I wiped over with Micellar water to remove any remnants and spritzed over a cooling, calming mist. I then applied Hydra Floral moisturiser from Decleor, knowing it is gentle on sensitive skins and would rehydrate my irritated, red skin. Yes, I can be prone to sensitivity, but I have not reacted to a ingredient/product for a very long time. Plus, I always take care to use good products that are agreeable with my skin.

There are a few in the new Lush Jelly mask range, and I have read some good reviews, but this one gave me a really bad reaction, so it gets a massive NO from me.

Out of this months mask picks, the Gatineau 3D Lifting Mask is a complete winner.


Have you tried either of these masks?


Heidi x


*contains own purchases