Alpha H Skincare – Rose Gold Is Everything

Now I’m already amongst the fans of the Alpha H glycolic toner, but my ears pricked up like an Alsatian hearing ‘walkies’, when their new Liquid Gold Rose formula was announced. Having thirsty, sensitive skin along with broken capillaries, I was super excited to try this new formulation, more suited to skins like mine. Here’s my take on the limited edition (currently.. but here’s hoping), Aussie born night treatment.

Australian brand Alpha H, kind of took the world by storm with Liquid Gold, and many, including myself, are huge fans. If you are not familiar with the product, it is an night treatment acid toner, which gently yet effectively exfoliates the skin. An easy product to use, rather than visiting a salon, you simply cleanse, swipe this over the skin, no oils or night cream. This alone reveals smoother, brighter and fresher skin the following morning after use. Recommended usage is 3 times a week.

With the original Liquid Gold formula, I would apply in the evening and let it work on the skin for an hour or so, then apply an oil or serum before sleep, just to add some moisture to the skin. With the new Rose formula, I can simply use this and relax, as it is more hydrating and my sensitive, sometimes dry and dehydrated skin is more than fine with it!

Alpha H Liquid Gold Rose – £34-50 for 100ml (limited edition)

There are many of us fans of the original Liquid Gold, but the new formula was designed to be more balancing, gentle on sensitive skins, plus hydrating for the more dry and mature types. This includes Hyaluronic Acid to provide that extra hydration, plus a botanical blend, with anti-inflammatory benefits and to help calm redness. This leaves the surface of the skin refined and toned like the original acid toner, yet this is gentler and hydration is not compromised.

Contains ; Vitamin B with Copper peptide, plus botanical extracts of Rose, Lotus and Orchid Petal.

What Liquid Gold Rose can do for your skin :

It works as an exfoliant, toner and moisturiser in one product. It brightens and clarifies, plus improves the look of of fine lines and wrinkles, whilst plumping and firming the skin. It helps to minimise open pores and pigmentation/age spots, plus any scarring, whilst adding hydration to the multi-layers of the skin, calming redness and inflammation.

Ingredients : 5% Glycolic Acid, Rose, Lotus and Orchid extracts, Hydranov P, Dead Sea Salts and Red Algae.

To use : After your evening cleanse 3 times a week (or alternate nights), add a little of the clear liquid to 2 cotton pads. Swipe over the face, neck and décolletage (avoiding the eyes), and let it do its job overnight. You may feel a slight tingling sensation on the skin after application, don’t worry, this is just the actives at work. Obviously stop using if you get an adverse reaction, but this is gentle, so most skins should be fine.

Note : As this acid treatment works to exfoliate the skins surface layer, SPF should be used the following day, so that skin is not compromised. Alpha H also do some good moisturisers/SPFs (as shown below).

I absolutely love this new Rose formula (and so does my delicate skin). It does not leave my skin dry and crying out for something extra, to be used before bedtime. When I use it, I notice how clear, soft and plump my skin is, and the added bonus being that my broken capillaries are calmed and less red. This prepares skin overnight, making it more receptive to my morning products, plus, my skin has seemed less reactive since using Liquid Gold Rose.

It is amazing, and I love it so much, that I bought another bottle so I would not be without it for a while! I am keeping my fingers crossed, that Alpha H make sure Rose is a regular product in their skincare range, not just a limited edition!

You can currently find Alpha H Liquid Gold Rose at QVCUK.


Are you a fan of the original, or have you been lucky enough to try (and love), the new Rose formula?


Heidi x


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  1. 10th July 2017 / 10:25 am

    I absolutely love the original one and like you, I leave it on for a good while to get it working and doing it’s fabulous thing before applying serum/moisturiser on top. And as soon as I saw this Rose Gold version I have been itching to buy it but can’t justify it as I have 2 bottles of the original in my back-up drawer. So good to hear that its more hydrating and soothing on the skin. xxx

    • 13th July 2017 / 8:51 am

      I still have a large and mini in the original, but having sensitivity, hearing ‘Rose’ made me jump to it. I would really recommend trying it, the skin feels different, more cushioned and less stripped. Look forward to hearing your thoughts when you do!
      H x