Shower Forecast Edit ~ January ’17

This year, I’ve decided to add in some new post formats, this being one of them. Although, the title may be familiar if you’ve followed me since the beginning. I compiled…

Buff Body ~ Aromatherapy Workout Treats

Lavera ~ Organic Natural Makeup & Skincare

Promensil ~ Natural Menopausal Supplements

My 2016 Fabulous Face Bases

I have many posts in my blogging ‘to-do’ book, and recently came across this one marked for December. Unfortunately, being a busy time of year, I didn’t get chance, so…


DHC Skincare & Makeup Launches

Cruelty Free Pixi Beauty ~ Skincare

Olverum : Bath Oil & Body Therapy

Chronic Beauty 2nd Birthday Giveaway

Well, I can’t quite believe we’re here as time has just flown by! I’m hoping you’ll be happy to help me celebrate 2 years of my blog, with my Chronic…


Klorane Botanicals Celebrate 50 Years

Kind Healthy Eating Snack Bars

Life Edit : Christmas, Reflection & New Year Plans