DHC Rich Eye Zone Care Pack

Our eyes work hard for us on a daily basis, and the fine skin around the orbital area can get dehydrated,  causing those ageing fine lines. It’s always handy to have…

Sheila’s Natural Products

Ogario London Hydrate & Shine Hair Products

Ultrasun Face SPF 50 Anti-Pigmentation

AA Skincare New Frankincense & Rose Toner

There have been past statements made (including from the odd beauty ed), that facial toners/spritzes aren’t necessary. I have always disagreed, especially coming from a therapist background. There are now…

Magic Organic Apothecary Fortifying Bath Potion

Swell Hair Day Product

Hempz Herbal Body Moisturisers

Celebrate Beauty Whatever Age

I love using this brand, and am enlightened by the founder and her passion for beauty however old we are. This post is a mixture of products, attitude and in…

Bloom Teas Supercharge Matcha

Rejuvenated Veggiecol Supplements

Ultrasun Targeted SPF Skincare